WIGIAT - Where is God in All This?

WIGIAT - Where is God in All This?


The word above, WIGIAT (pronounced wig-ee-ot) is an acronym as you can see for the question “Where Is God In All This?”. This acronym was created by Dr. Daryl “Tony” Everett at my seminary LTSS – as a way for us to remind ourselves and always be asking and looking for where we see God active in and around our lives, and how we see God working and moving in the churches we serve.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like much at first, a cute little phrase to help you remember to be looking for how God is active – but here is the thing – have you ever done it? Have you ever actively tried to see how God is active and moving in and around your life? If you have you will probably agree with me that when you look you come to a rather startling conclusion. That where God is at in all the this of our lives is – Absolutely Everywhere.

You may scoff at this a little bit, and this I understand. Most of the time when we realize that God is working in our lives it is when we get surprised by some strange coincidence, some lucky break, or some way that we avoided pain, accident, and possible dismemberment by not pulling out in front of that tractor trailer. God reveals himself in the dramatic, but we have to remember that God doesn’t just show us to reveal himself to us in the obvious and the places where our attention is forcibly grabbed.

We need to remember that God is the one who revealed himself to the prophet Elijah - not in the wind, or the earthquake, or the fire, but in the ‘still small voice’ that was asking him what he was doing in that place. The same God, who we are told, led and guided Elijah to safety on the mountain of God by providing him food and leading him through the desert. God does choose sometimes to show up and reveal himself in the thunder of the miraculous, but more often than not God is moving, guiding, and leading us – subtly and quietly throughout our lives.

So why I introduce this term WIGIAT is because it can help us to look around for the places that God may be speaking to us and guiding us in that ‘still, small, voice’. If you look at your own life you can probably see instances of this in your own life. You can probably see it in those things that you might want to call ‘chance encounters’, or in that person who came to you with the encouragement or the right words you needed to hear at that particular moment. Sometimes God shows up in the strange way that a preachers sermon may especially speak to us that day, or in the way that particular part of the liturgy moves us in a new and profound way on a particular Sunday. Many times we hear God moving and speaking when we hear and sing that favorite hymn.

If you look around to what we do as the church you HOPEFULLY can see WIGIAT. Do we understand that God uses our parish to meet the needs of people in our communities. God works to make sure people are fed in Williamsburg and Claysburg, God works to needed things to the clients of the Altoona Domestic Abuse Shelter. God is here working to open the doors of our congregations and welcome visitors and is using you to be his hand and heart of welcome and hospitality.

God is hear and moving and working especially when we are there for each other. When you are able to comfort and be with and help those in our congregations and out who are grieving, who are lost, who are struggling, who need you. God is there and you get to be the way in which God is working to care for all of us.

Do you get what I am pushing at? Where God Is in All of This – is RIGHT HERE. God is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of our lives and is in working to guide, lead, help and heal us and more than anything to lead us deeper and deeper into relationship with him and into the life that he intends for us.

So you are going to see around the church pretty soon this strange word WIGIAT. It is there to help us all remember to look for God and to know that God is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS right here with us. We are never alone, because the Lord and God that said ‘Do not let your hear be troubled,’* and who proclaimed in Jesus Christ that ‘I will not leave you orphaned’* and that ‘I am with you always even until the end of the age’* – that this God means it.

Where is God – Right Here, Right Now.
Thanks be to God!

In Christ
Pastor Mike

*I’ll buy a cup of coffee to the first person who can tell me where in the Bible, chapter and verse these three verses come from. –offer good through July 1, 2010

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