What is Up with Lent

What is Up with Lent

Goodmorning Geeseytown and Newry Lutheran

        Lent is just around the corner and you may have started to think about what you are going to give up for Lent.  As you are thinking about that I would like to give you some things to think about as you chose your specific path this Lenten season.

        The first thing I would invite you to consider is why we give things up during Lent in the first place.  The answer that we usually think of first is something along the lines of, “Well Jesus gave up all for us on the Cross so we ought to give up something.”  In a way, that is part of what our personal Lenten sacrifice if about.  It helps to remind us of all that God has given to us in Christ Jesus.  But if we think about that for a minute we will realize that this is only part of what the discipline is about.  Simply said, giving up chocolate for six weeks in no way compares to the sacrifice of Christ.  That in itself should help us to understand that there must be more going on here. 

        Think of it this way.  If you have ever gotten to the other side of the 40 days and have been able to keep your discipline you will have most probably realized that what you thought had such a hold on you before the season isn’t as important to you now.  Again to use chocolate as an example: if you get to the end of the 6 weeks and aren’t eating chocolate you might realize you just don’t want it as much .  You may have realized that the hold that this particular habit had on you in gone.  In this lies the gift of Lent.  It isn’t that it is to help us get over what we call bad habits, but it demonstrates to us the hold and pull that certain things have in our lives.  By giving something up we realize that those things which we thought were so important – our morning coffee, carbonated drinks, eating out, etc. – are not in the end that important.  Hopefully what that shows us is that if certain foods and frivolous things we do in our life aren’t that important – it hopefully points us to what is really important.  To belabor the obvious – what is important is God, Christ, and our relationship with our creator and Lord.

        Essentially Lent helps us to see how the ‘things’ of this world have their hooks into us.  Through the season we get to pull some of those hooks out and to know what is really important.  So I hope this demonstrates that Lent isn’t only about taking on our own sacrifice because of Jesus’ sacrifice.   Lent is in fact reminding us of all those things which distract us and keep us from our relationship with Jesus.



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