Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School

"Stand Up, Rise Up, Join Forces With God - He's the Greatest Hero of Them All"  Theme song for Hero Headquarters

 We are in the middle of Vacation Bible School week here at the Geeseytown/Newry Lutheran parish and we have been having a great time. VBS this year runs from Aug. 2 – 6, and this year’s theme is “HERO HEADQUARTERS”. It has been a lot of fun and our VBS team did has done a great job of turning our fellowship hall at Geeseytown into a Super City where our heroes can gather. I can’t say enough how appreciative I am for everyone and all of the hard work they put in to making this week come together. We have great teachers and great crafts, games, snacks, and songs. We have had a lot of people come together to make this week possible and a lot of people who though they couldn’t be here for the week gave their support and donated items for VBS. It is a great week and it wouldn’t be possible without the support which all of you have given.

The main idea for this week is that this VBS program is trying to show us how we can all be heroes in our lives. The main idea being that a hero doesn’t have to be a super hero. But heroes are ordinary people who help others when they are given the opportunity. What this week is showing our kids is that all through the Bible we have examples of ordinary people who God uses to play a part in his story. We heard about the servant girl who God uses to tell the General Naaman about Elijah, and allows for Naaman to be healed. We heard about the shepherds who the angels appeared to and said Christ was born. These shepherds (whose names we never learn) visit the Christ child – and then go and tell that the Messiah is born. We learned about the Centurion whose faith in Jesus allowed him to say that if Jesus said his servant would be healed, he knew the man would be healed. We will hear about the little boy who gives his lunch of five loaves and two fish to Jesus so that our Lord could feed 5,000 people. And we will hear about the Apostle Paul’s nephew who God sends to tell the Romans of a plot against Paul’s life, and thereby saves Paul.

The important thing is that all of these people we learned about are not what we would call “Major” players in the gospels. They are individuals who are mentioned because of one thing they did, that one place where God used them in a very particular way. They were ordinary people who became heroes on that day , because God used them to be a part of his plan.

Our message to the kids is that, we too are part of God’s story. That God is using us to be heroes, to help those he wants to help, to aid and give comfort to those who need it. We are seeing that God uses ordinary people like us to do his work, God makes us heroes in this world who bring about his love to those who need it.

One way that we are helping the kids remember this is that each night they are invited to bring in a food item for our local food bank. As they bring them in, they are building what is fastly becoming a tower of food. So each day our kids are seeing how something they did is going to help others and how (when we all work together) we can do more than we might expect. The kids are collecting a tableful of food that will help people in this area. This is just one example of how the little things we do are helping to care for the world and people around us. That is what God calls us all as Christians to do. We pray that this little example can be a message that will stay with these children as they walk forward in their lives and will remind them of how our Lord is always using and guiding all of us to serve and love all that he has made.

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