Thy Kingdom Come - Midweek Worship March 7th

Thy Kingdom Come - Midweek Worship March 7th

Sorry it took until Sunday afternoon, but here is the message from our Midweek Lenten worship this past Wednesday.  We continue our series on the Lord's prayer.

Thy Kingdom Come- Thy Will Be Done – On earth as it is in heaven

We want the Kingdom to come. You may not know that, but you do. You want God and his Kingdom to come. You want it to be here on earth as it is in heaven. The only reason we wouldn’t is because we don’t understand what the Kingdom Coming really means, or we just really like our sinning and don’t want to stop. For most of us, any apprehension we have is because we don’t get why it is so important. Remember if it wasn’t important, and good for you, and what you need, - Then Jesus Christ would have never taught us to pray for and ask our Heavenly Father for his Kingdom.

So first of all let us be clear – when we pray for the Kingdom we are asking for God to come down here. We want God to take up residence, bring the New Jerusalem, set up his throne and make things right. We are telling our Heavenly Father that we are tired of living in this sinful world and we want God to do what he promised he was going to do – to come down here – get rid of evil, restore his creation – take away the bad and allow us to live in his good forever and ever AMEN.

When we pray for the Kingdom we are asking for God to end the suffering of this world, and to restore this broken creation to what we are supposed to be. Truthfully we are calling on our Heavenly Father and our God to restore this entire world to the state that we first new in EDEN – a time and place when we walked and lived in full communion with our Heavenly Father and we spoke with him Face to face.

Come on Down Lord – Heal Us – Make US Whole. End the Evil and cause us to live forever in your Good. That is what it means when we say we want the Kingdom to Come. We Want God’s Life here and now. We want to know that all that plagues us, attacks us, and tries to destroy us is taken away – and we want to dwell in the house of our Lord and Heavenly Father – Forever.

The problem is that when we hear of the kingdom, there are always these prophecies of things being shaken up. Jesus tells us here in Matthew that in that day the sun will not give its light and the stars will fall. That is fairly tame compared to the Old Testament prophets who talk about the moon turning to blood, and God coming in cloud and fire, and the elements being burned away. It is dramatic stuff. It gets your attention. And it may sound a little bit scary. What is all this darkened sun, and moon of blood and consuming fire all about?

Well, what I think is going on here – is that God is trying to get us to understand that when the Kingdom does finally come – it is really going to shake things up. These dramatic events are happening because everything that the world thinks it is – will change – FOR GOOD – when God’s Kingdom comes once and for all into this world.

Meaning that things are going to be shaken up, because when the Kingdom comes it will no longer be the world as WE THINK IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE – BUT THE WORLD AS GOD INTENDS IT TO BE – THE WORLD AS IT WAS INTENDED TO BE.

And all of these ways that the prophets talk about the Kingdom – are ways that they are saying that the power of God coming once and for all into this world is going to shake this reality to its very foundations and going to show the true foundation which is our God who made heaven and earth. What we see here is a Sun that is so humbled in the sight of it’s Lord and maker that it is darkened as it bows down before its God and Creator – we hear of the stars that fall from heaven, as they fall down at the feet of their Master Jesus Christ – we see that not only us – but all of creation bends its knee and confesses that there is only one God in heaven and that he has arrived – when the Kingdom comes.
And So we Pray – come on down Father, bring it on Jesus, change this world and restore us to what we are supposed to be. When we pray for the Kingdom we are praying for all of creation. That God will one day put it to right, that God will take away our pain, that God will heal this world, and that for all people, all creation, all that dwells in heaven and earth will no longer turn from God – but will be whole and complete in the arms of their heavenly Father. When we pray for the Kingdom – we are praying that God will unleash all that Heaven and the Kingdom are – Here upon this earth – and upon all that dwell in this creation. It really is a big idea.

But in the end – we are just asking God to fulfill his promise. You see when we pray for the Kingdom, we are only asking God to complete what he has promised through the prophets, what he brought near to us when he came in Jesus Christ, and what he showed John would be the end in the Book of Revelation. When we pray for the Kingdom we are only asking God to do what God says is going to happen. Not may happen, not might happen – but what WILL BE. When we pray for the Kingdom we don’t pray if, we pray for WHEN. We pray that God will both bring his eternal reign here – and that he will remind us that no matter what – this is what is going to happen. God is coming. The kingdom is Coming. For this we pray – Thanks be to God!


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