Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday - from insert

Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday - from insert

Posted here and below are some of the information from our Sunday inserts about Lent, We wanted to place them here for your use as needed.  Thanks and God bless, and have a blessed Lent.

Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday

                               The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday. This is the Sunday when we remember our Lord Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem when people greeted him as they would an arriving king, hero, and conqueror.  The people cut palm branches from the trees, laying them and their coats on the ground before Jesus - while shouting "Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest".

                On that day, the people were celebrating that the great prophet, teacher, and Rabbi, Jesus had come to Jerusalem.  The fervor they showed was because people began to believe he was the king, the Messiah, that God had promised. Their shouts of Hosanna, meant "Lord Save Us," it was a shout to God and to Jesus to redeem the people.  The crowds that day most likely were looking for Jesus to be a warrior king who would destroy the Romans, but what they got was a Jesus who died so that all might have eternal life.

                So Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday begins with this triumphal "Hooray" for Jesus - as it should.  We should remember that Jesus Christ came to Jerusalem to save the world.  We can, with the crowds, shout "Hosanna - Lord Save Us", because that is exactly and precisely what Jesus came to Jerusalem to do.

     The service then changes and we move into the Passion Sunday portion of the service.  In reminding us of what happened to our Lord Jesus, we know that the celebration didn't last that long.  We hear the story of the crucifixion and death of our Lord.  We do this because we are about to start Holy Week.  Holy Week is the time of us walking with Jesus to the cross.  So we start Holy Week with the story of just how this Lord saved us - and on Good Friday we will hear the story again. 

                One might wonder why we need to hear the story of the crucifixion twice in the week - the simple answer is that, it is in the Cross and the Death of Jesus Christ that your sins are forgiven, it is the reason Jesus Christ came here, and it is the central act of salvation for you and for me and for all of the world.  AND WE NEED TO REMEMBER IT!!!!!!!!!


So why not just Palm Sunday?

                I have been asked why we don' t just do Palm Sunday anymore.  Several of you remember when there was no Passion Story attached to this day.  We would just get out the palms and sing "All Glory Laud and Honor" and process into the church and that would be it.

                In those days, my hope would be that the pastor would have tooled their sermon to explain that we enter in triumph but that the triumph is on the cross.  If you don't you have a real problem.

                If you don't hear about the death of Jesus, and you are just spending the day singing, "Hosanna" then we are like the clueless crowds who had no idea what was about to happen.  They sang "Hooray, Jesus" because they didn't know Jesus was going to die.

                If we have just Palm Sunday, and make it a day of celebration, then we lose the point of what was really happening, and start off Holy Week with a celebration - when we know the cost that Jesus pays to save us.

                Simply put, we who know about the cross and the resurrection don't need to be celebrating that Jesus is going to go die on the cross.  We need to remember the cost, and the sacrifice that Jesus made to save us.

                Hearing the Passion and celebrating Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday helps us to more appropriately begin the Holiest of Weeks.

In Christ,

Pr. Mike

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