Our Relationship with God

Our Relationship with God

God is the source of all things, God is the one we come from and what will be once all things have faded away. God is the beginning and the end, the source of all that is and that which will continue. From our God from the eternal one we receive all that we have – meaning our possessions, our relationships, and the gifts that we bring into this life. All things come from God.

As such our relationship with God should be our primary relationship. It is what we are reminded of by our Lord Jesus when he is asked what the greatest commandment is. He replies that we should, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind …. and love your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27). It is God first, everything of us should be turned and devoted to God. This is not to the exclusion of the love we have for others or the relationships we have in this world. Love of God does not hinder those relationships but only makes them better, because when we have God – our creator, the light, and the truth – at the forefront of our lives, all other things both prosper and are kept in perspective.

But the thing is we don’t keep God first. We don’t make God the primary relationship in our lives. We should but we so easily get distracted, we get turned away, other things catch our eye and cause us to forget the one who is life for us.

What causes us to turn away is - SIN. Sin is that which pulls us away from that which is primary – our relationship with God. Because what we should do in our lives is turn to God, turn to Christ, pray to the Holy Spirit and listen for where God would have us go. However our own desires, passions, feelings of what we feel like we ought to do and what WE WANT TO DO – pull us away in different directions. That is sinful. Usually this leaves us following our own will and desire rather than listening for the guidance of the one who is truth.

That is a bad thing. Who do you think makes better choices. You and I who have our few decades of experience on this earth. Or the God who made heaven and earth? Do you think that you and I are so smart that we can figure everything out so that we don’t need the one who hung the stars and who when the time is right will cause them to fall?

My answer is, unfortunately, sometimes I do think I know better. Isn’t that awful? I am wrong of course, but sometimes even I think that I can figure it out on my own. Thankfully God has taken the time to prove me wrong several times in my life. God has been gracious enough to let me see how I did on my own, and usually that meant ending up frustrated, unfulfilled, in the wrong, and generally a lot worse of had I listened to where God was leading me in the first place.

What it boils down to is that God is always leading and guiding us – so much so that we don’t always know it. Because of all that God is doing we start to think how great we are. God doesn’t (usually) rip open the clouds and reveal himself. God works subtly and whispers his presence in and around our lives. So if we allow ourselves we can fall into thinking that all that we have and accomplish is because we are so great. But in truth all that we have is only because God has allowed it to be.

What I am trying to say is that we all need to take some time and remember and reflect on what the true source of our life is. Our life is a gift from God, we are sustained by the grace of God, we are made because somewhere in his divine wisdom, God believed that it should be that way.

So when those things hop up or pop up and attempt to turn us from God, or when temptation tries to get us to fall to those things which we even know are not good for us or others. We can realize that they are what they are – they are sin. Sin which is trying to distract us from the one who is light and truth and all that is.

Think of it this way too. God is eternal, sin isn’t. When we are tempted to turn from our Lord we can remember that in turning from God we are turning from the one who is all that is. We are turning from life to nothing. If it is good for us, if it is what we need, if it is wholesome and true – God can and will be in the middle of it. Let us try in all that we do to make sure that we turn first to our Lord, loving him with all that we are – and then shaping our lives first and foremost by that relationship.

That’s the thoughts for today
God Bless You
Pr. Mike

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