"Our Daily Bread" Lenten Midweek Reflection from Mar. 14

"Our Daily Bread" Lenten Midweek Reflection from Mar. 14

And Give Us This Day our Daily Bread……

When Jesus Christ teaches us in our Lord’s Prayer to ask our heavenly father to give us “Our Daily Bread”, you understand that he isn’t just saying food. Jesus isn’t just saying give us, a loaf of baked dough so we don’t starve. When we ask our Heavenly Father for our Daily Bread, we are asking God in heaven to give us what we need. We could almost hear this petition of the Lord’s prayer as saying, “Father, Please give me what I need for this day”. I am not just asking for food! We are asking our Father to give us what we need for this day – AND (underline and bold this next part)

Hear that again – All that we NEED and all that sustains us in this life – Comes from and is a gift from God. What we need in this life – we have. We have what we need in this life. How do I know – you have what you need in this life? Because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here. You would be dead. You are here, you are kept here, you are kept in this life – because your heavenly Father has given you what you need. That has kept you going, that has kept you alive. God has given you this life – and provides for you what you need to survive in this life. Thanks be to God.

Notice please that Jesus doesn’t teach us to pray. Heavenly Father – Give us today our daily 20 room house on the golf course. Nor does he teach us to pray – Give us this day our Corvette with a Sheetz gas card to be able to put fuel in that thing. Nor does Jesus teach us to pray – Lord – Give us What we want – do you know how disasterous it would be if God did that.

No Jesus teaches us to pray to and to ask God for our Daily Bread. That means what we need to get through this day. Notice too everyone, when we ask God for our Daily Bread, it is leaving it to God to decide and to know just exactly what it is that we need.

So when it comes down too it, this petition is really about putting our faith, hope, and trust in our Lord. We ask our Lord for what we need, and we trust that God Almighty, our Father, knows what we need and that God will give it to us.

Now another thing we should remember about this. God doesn’t give us what we need because we ask. I am pretty sure that most of us, if not all of us, don’t wake up every morning and say the Lord’s prayer and ask for our Daily Bread. Of course not. Some of you may – but most of us don’t. I try to, but I mess that one up too. But whether I ask or not – God provides me what I need each and every day.

God gives me what I need, not because I ask, but because God is good and is my Heavenly Father and looks out for me and looks out for you beloved Children of God.

When you were a child, and the snow started coming down here in Central Pennsylvania, and you couldn’t wait you wanted to get out there and start sledding and having a good time. You might have grabbed a coat, but forget the boots, the heavy pants, the wool hat. You didn’t care. But what happened? Mama happened, Daddy Happened. You were not going out in that snow without your winter clothes on , and gloves, and a scarf and a hat. You didn’t care – because you were 6. But your mother and father who loved you were going to make sure that you had what you need. And if your earthly mother and father can love you enough to make sure you are taken care of (usually in spite of yourself) how much more will and does your Heavenly Father provide for you –
God gives us Everything. God provides without end. Not always what we want – but WHAT WE NEED. THANKFULLY GOD GIVES US WHAT WE NEED EVEN WHEN WE MAY NOT KNOW WHAT WE NEED.

So what this prayer is doing, is allowing us to remember. Remember what God does for us. That you have a Heavenly Father who is the source of your life and all that you have and all that you are. That God has created you, formed you in his own image, and gives you himself – time and time again. So Jesus telling us to ask our Father for our Daily Bread is in the end a way for us to be reminded where our Life is. Our Life is in God. Our Life is in our Creator – Our Life is in and from the one who gives us our Daily Bread. To him and for him we can say –
Thanks Be to God

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