Thoughts on What we are to Do NOW!!!

Thoughts on What we are to Do NOW!!!

To All the Saints of Geeseytown and Newry Lutheran Churches

Hello Everyone, as I write this we are have passed the midway point in our Lenten Journey and Holy Week is barreling down upon us.  It is two weeks until Palm Sunday, and time is not slowing down is it?  It really does seem like just the other day that we got here, that Ella was born, that Christmas happened.  Before we know it we will be celebrating our first year together.  To belabor the old cliché, time sure does fly.


In that time I think things have been going very well.  But we don’t want time to get away from us.  I have a magnet that I keep in my car which has a quote from Luther which is “How soon, ‘Not Now’ becomes ‘Not Ever’. “  I have been thinking about this quote a good bit this Lenten Season.  And in it is a reminder for myself and, I think, for our parish in general.  I have things that I have dreamed of in my life, and I have always been able to say ‘Well I’ll get to that one day’.  Good thing I didn’t use that argument on going to Seminary J. 


But it is easy to put things off and say ‘maybe later’.  The problem is that if we ‘maybe later’ enough then we start to think ‘probably never’ and then we give ourselves all kinds of reasons why that was a bad idea to begin with – and why would we have ever deluded ourselves in the first place.


So with our parish, I don’t want us to get into a ‘maybe later’ mindset.  I don’t think we will.  I believe there are enough of us – actually it would probably be more accurate to say everyone is excited about our work together as a joint parish and we want to see some good things come out of the congregations and out of our work together. 


But at the same time we have all been through quite an experience of you all coming together as a parish, of working to keep active and faithful without a pastor, of calling a pastor, of us all going through the call process together, or us moving here and all of us starting this life together.  A lot has happened in the last 18 months.  It would be perfectly understandable if people wanted to wash their hands of it and say ‘Okay we’ve got a pastor, we’re done’. 


But I think we know that getting a pastor is just the beginning.  My being here means that we have someone whose job it is to focus on the ministry that we are doing here in the community.  Having a pastor simply means that we don’t have to worry about who is going to preach on Sunday, so that we can be about the real business of the church which is reaching out and loving and caring for this world.


And here is the thing that I think is really neat in all of this.  Yes, I know you have heard some of this before.  But we get to be about the business of doing God’s work here.  God’s word and life is active and alive everywhere, and God will accomplish what God is going to accomplish.  The COOL thing is that God uses us to do it.  God uses us little old folks in Geeseytown and Newry to be about the business of changing and healing and reconciling the world to God.  Now, if we think about it we realize that it isn’t us but God who is doing this – but we get to be a part of it.  Think about it.  God is going to save the world.  We get to help.  God is working the long slow process (from our point of view) of reconciling all people to himself and we are called to be a part of God’s work here.  We get to help save the world folks.  That is pretty great.  We get to be part of God’s business because that is to what God has called us.



What that means is that we have business to be about.  We are doing good things we are doing some good work in this community.  Remember too Lutherans that aren’t doing this so that God will love us but out of our response to the love and mercy of God which has been demonstrated to us in the cross of Christ Jesus.  But loving this world is the business that God is about and the business that we got drafted into in the waters of baptism. 


So we are going to love this world and community.  The question we need to be thinking about and what we need to be thinking about RIGHT NOW as opposed to ‘maybe later’ is “What is God calling us to here and calling us to hear?”  I have already begun the process of asking our Lord what he wants out of our churches, where he wants us to go.  Would you please join me in this process?  Right now I know that we are to worship God, to love each other, and to be a helping hand to our community.  But there is something more out there.  I just can’t see it yet.  Can you?


We are officially entering the stage of discernment.  We need to pray for God’s guidance as to what he would have us do.  And think about this.  We had no idea in August that we would end up supporting the Domestic Abuse Shelter.  But God put that in our path.  Look what happened.  We got car loads of goods to help those who truly needed help and assistance.  From that we are putting together a new Mother’s Day drive to help give these ladies some support and to share God’s love with them.  That idea came out of a brief discussion in a council meeting and now a lot of people are committed and excited about helping in this way.  You see that is how God works.  A little seed is planted and who knows what it will do.


We are not going to be ‘maybe later’.  At the worst I hope we will be ‘pretty soon’ people.  I hope you will join me in wanting to show this world the difference the Jesus Christ makes.  Jesus lets us be able to love and give and serve and care.  You all are very good at that.  So (and yes I know I’m descending into cheerleader mode) but Let’s Do It.  Let’s be God’s people.  And Let us NOW be about the process of figuring out where God is calling us as a parish and each and every one of us to love love, to care, to give and to serve.  Thanks be to God!


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