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  • Announcements as of June 1st 2019

    The Allegheny Synod Youth Event Planning Team is super excited to tell you that registration for the 2019 Synod Youth Event is open! This event is for 6th-12th Graders and their adult leaders from across the Synod in State College from November 22-24, 2019.

    Attached are the 3 pages of the registration packet (a physical copy of this packet will also be sent out by mail very soon). Here you will find some more information, pricing, a basic schedule, and more! The 3rd page is the registration form. The completed registration forms should be mailed with payment to the Synod office at 701 Qual Ave, Altoona, PA 16602. Final registration deadline is 10/15/19. Early registration is much appreciated by the planning team!

    It will be up to congregational leaders as to how payment and mailing in registration forms will be handled (all at once by congregation or by individuals).

    You will be receiving more information and details after your group is registered, but please feel free to ask us any questions in the meantime at this email address!

    Christ's peace +,

    The Allegheny Synod Youth Event Planning Team

    Bishop’s Pentecost Message 2019

    “The Holy Spirit has called me through the gospel,

    enlightened me with his gifts, made me holy, and kept

    me in the true faith, just as he calls, gathers,

    enlightens, and makes holy the whole Christian

    church and keeps it with Jesus Christ in the one

    common, true faith” – Martin Luther, Small


    Though our Pentecostal sisters and brothers spend a lot of time

    reflecting on the work of the Holy Spirit, we don’t always do that as

    Lutherans. The festival of Pentecost calls us back and reminds us of

    the Holy Spirit that, as Martin Luther says, calls us through the gospel,

    enlightens us with the gifts of God, makes us holy, keeps us in the

    faith, and unites us to Jesus Christ in our Baptism. We are here

    because of the work and action of the Holy Spirit. It is good for us to

    remember it is the Spirit, poured out on the day of Pentecost, who calls

    us into the church, holds us together, and leads us forward as God’s


    Through the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost, God shows us

    we are part of the ongoing mission of God. When our Lord Jesus was

    walking with the disciples, he was rightly in the lead. Jesus was the

    primary one teaching, healing, and performing miracles, except for the

    times when Jesus would send the disciples out on their own. That all

    changed on the day of Pentecost!

    After Jesus’ ascension, our Lord sent the Holy Spirit to lead the

    church. We can imagine the surprise of the disciples as this

    extraordinary power to proclaim the good news of Jesus throughout

    the world was poured into them. Now Peter, James, Andrew, and all

    the followers of Jesus, who had until now been standing in the

    background, were taking the lead in proclaiming the gospel and on that

    day 3000 were baptized.

    You, my friends, have that same power in you. That same Holy

    Spirit who poured out on the first day of Pentecost was poured into

    you on the day of your baptism. Being led by the Holy Spirit, you are

    able to participate in the same mission of proclamation and healing.

    You are part of the work Jesus in doing in this world.

    You demonstrate that power when you pray for, feed, clothe, and

    care for your neighbors. It might not seem as dramatic as that first

    Pentecost, but it is the same love, grace, and mercy being poured out

    through you as it was through the disciples. We are led by the Spirit

    into this world to offer forgiveness and hope, new life and blessing. So

    whether the Spirit comes as a mighty wind with flame and power, or

    quietly into the private places in our lives, rest assured, the Spirit does

    come. The Holy Spirit is with you now.

    Who knows what wonders might be wrought, in our hearts, in our

    homes, our churches, even in our world, as we are led by the power of

    the Holy Spirit.

    May the Spirit bless, lead, and guide you

    +Bishop Michael Rhyne

    Announcement of new DEM for the Allegheny Synod


    I am writing to share with you the good news that the Allegheny Synod has called a new Director For Evangelical Mission. Pastor Joshua Rinas has been extended the call to serve in this position which is a partnership between the ELCA Churchwide expression and the Allegheny Synod.

    Pastor Joshua comes to us from the New England Synod where he has been serving as a parish pastor. Previous ministerial experience include serving as a port chaplain for Seafarers International House ministry to sailors and the shipping industry and he has served on their Board. He also served as site leader for the ELCA Youth Ministry, Alt-Year Living and Learning Initiative in New Haven, CT. Additionally, Pastor Joshua has a passion for stewardship and has trained at the Indiana University School of Philanthropy in their Religious Fundraising course. He also has been certified through the Lombard Center’s Mediation Skills training.

    Pastor Joshua’s wife, Pastor Kari (Plymette) Rinas is from Cambria County. She grew up at St Paul in Mundy’s Corner and was a candidate for ministry through the Allegheny Synod.

    Pastor Joshua’s first day in the office will be July 1st. He will join us at our Synod Assembly so that you will have the opportunity to meet him. We also will install him as part of Friday evening’s worship service.

    As you know we have a Bishop’s election in 2020. We can never presume the outcome of that election. To offer protection to Pastor Joshua and his family, the Allegheny Synod Council has made Pastor Joshua’s call a minimum of a two year call. He is guaranteed employment through August 2021. If there is no transition the call will be extended indefinitely.

    I know that you rejoice with me in thanking God for this new member of our Synod team. You will enjoy getting to know and work with Pastor Joshua.

    In Christ,

    +Bishop Michael

  • Announcements and Prayer request 4/1/19

    According to the Constitution of both Geeseytown and Newry Lutheran Churches, voting members are confirmed members who have communed and made a contribution of record (church envelopes or check) during the current or preceding year. Please fill out a communion card the first time that you commune in the calendar year. It is only necessary to fill out one a year. Communion cards are located in the back of the church and can be put in the offering plate once filled out. Thank you!


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  • Sermon June 14th, 2015

    This week we look at the Biblical understanding of unity. What did unity mean to the ancient Israelites and early Christian church?

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